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We specialize in diagnosing and evaluating a wide range of commonly treated pain management conditions.


Effective pain relief you can trust to help get you back to your life!

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TCM Acupuncture . Physio . Herbs 

                 - A holistic way to improving your health!                  

 Combined with the unique Ancient Eastern Wisdom  &  Modern Western Science natural healing integrated systems method treatments.     

TCM Acupuncture . Physio . Herbs - Booking 07393 130040
TCM Acupuncture . Physio . Herbs - Booking 07393 130040
Pain Management Specialists -joint diseases and disorders


  • Degenerative rheumatologic joint diseases                           - Rheumatism 



       Ankylosing Spondylitis​​

  • Sprains (distortions)

  • Fractures

Pain Management Specialists - Nervous system disorders
Pain Management Specialists - Nervous system disorders


  • Carpal tunnel syndrome

  • Sciatica

  • Lumbago

Pain Management Specialists - muscle pain


  • Chronic Muscle Pain (Myalgia)

  • Muscle Distortions, Torn Muscle Fibers

  • Muscle Tension, Muscle Hardening

  • Tennis

  • Golfer’s Elbow

Pain Management Specialists - muscle pain
Pain Management Specialists - Tendons


  • Tendon Pain and Injuries (Tendinopathy)

  • Nerve & Tendon irritations

  • Tendonitis

  • Contractures

 Acute & Chronic Pain Conditions - TCM Acupuncture and Physio helps reduce pain from many types of conditions including degenerative rheumatologic joint diseases/disorders etc, for back and neck pain, osteoarthritis/knee pain, and headaches, including migraines; sports injuries, and working in the modern office. TCM Acupuncture & Physio is a safe and effective way for treating acute and chronic pain obtained from traumatic injuries, repetitive stress, or persistent pain that has failed to improve from conventional methods (rest, heat, ice, and medication); even assist in recovery from sports-related injuries.


Symptoms of pain include constant dull, achy, sharp and shooting, numbness, tingly, and burning. Pain responds very well to acupuncture and can often see the decrease in intensity or elimination of pain during and after your treatment. 


Fortunately, our acupuncture & physio offers the option to treat your pain without the side effects of medications and can help you return to your regular daily activities.

AsianScientist (Jan. 10, 2012) – The latest issue of the journal Medical Acupuncture reveals that the United States Armed Forces is incorporating acupuncture, one of the oldest healing practices in the world, to assist in the medical care of its personnel. 


“The use of acupuncture for helping wounded warriors suffering from pain, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and mild traumatic brain injury is growing rapidly,” said Dr. Niemtzow. 

...military uses of acupuncture, including wounded troop evacuation and traumatic brain injury (TBI) treatment for ... pain, which was one condition for which acupuncture was found to be effective.

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